DURCWAVE aims for a long term solution to cope with climate change in terms of requirements regarding coastal safety for Low-elevation Coastal Zones (LECZs).

The main scientific objective of the project is to define new design criteria for wave action by modelling wave overtopping and post-overtopping processes of these urban defences.

Five specific objectives are identified:

  1. To study post-overtopping processes by characterising overtopping flows on urban defences.
  2. To explore the influence of structural geometries on post-overtopping processes.
  3. To relate overtopping flow characteristics to maximum exerted loads.
  4. To determine the most appropriate overtopping flow characteristics in terms of design purposes.
  5. To define new design criteria for overtopping wave action as upgrade of European Standards.

The main research findings will help decision-makers to estimate the vulnerability of LECZs to climate change, by assessing the threats for sea frontages and buildings on the coastline.