The 1/10 scale model of Pont del Petroli pier has been mounted in the CIEM wave flume at UPC. The pier was severely damaged during the storm Gloria just 1 year ago. The experimental campaign will analyse the loading exerted by extreme wave conditions on the pier platform and footbridge, assessing the influence of the sea bottom profile on wave breaking and wave impacts.

The following video givesa unique view of the model from inside our CIEM wave flume.

Hereafter a video of the experimental campaign that has been carried out in the large scale wave flume CIEM at Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya is shown. The physical model tests, commissioned by the Badalona City Council, are also part of the present MSCA-IF DURCWAVE project. The outcomes of this study will provide further insight into the causes that led to the failure of the Pont del Petroli pier in Badalona, which occurred 1 year ago, when the storm "Gloria" stroke the coast of eastern Spain. Forces on the platform, footbridge and pile caps will be analysed for extreme wave conditions, considering #climatechange scenarios (e.g. sea level rise). The incredibly strong wave conditions associated to Gloria are here reproduced by means of focused wave groups to characterise the largest wave impacts on the pier structural elements. There are no direct measurements of the local wave climate close to the pier during the Gloria storm, however videos and photos show waves breaking on the structures with a wave crest up to 7-9 m above the mean water level.

For those who speak or understand Catalan, you can also watch the news on the local media here (from 23' 40" to 25' 30").