The HydroLink 1, 2020 Special Issue on Climate Change Adaptation and Countermeasures in Coastal Environments focuses on adaptation and mitigation measures for the coastal environment. This issue present articles on recent and ongoing laboratory research and field projects by leading institutions in coastal engineering in Europe and worldwide. The articles and their authors are listed below:

  • CREST – Climate REsilient coaST Research highlights with applications at the Belgian coast by Tina Mertens & Jaak Monbaliu

  • Coastbusters: Nature inspired solutions for ecosystem based coastal management by Tomas Sterckx, Emile Lemey, Marc Huygens, Jan Fordeyn, Bert Groenendaal, Alexia Semeraro, Thibaud Mascart & Koen van Doorslaer

  • A holistic approach to coastal protection for the Prins Hendrik polder by Jan Fordeyn, Emile Lemey & Luitze Perk

  • Research perspectives on ecologically-wise means of coastal protection – current deficits and future demands by Nils Goseberg, Maike Paul, David Schürenkamp & Torsten Schlurmann

  • DURCWAVE “Amending the design criteria of urban defences in LECZS through composite-modelling of wave overtopping under climate change scenarios” by Xavier Gironella & Corrado Altomare

  • Climate change and coastal disasters (a review) by Nobuhito Mori & Tomoya Shimura

  • Development and features of the new coastal and ocean basin in Ostend, as supporting research infrastructure to tackle climate change issues related to urbanized coastal environments by Peter Troch, Vicky Stratigaki, Jaak Monbaliu & Frank Mostaert

Guest Editor: Dr. Corrado Altomare

Editor: Dr. Angelos N. Findikakis

Editorial Assistant: Ms. Estibaliz Serrano