The experimental data refer to physical model tests carried out in 2019 from May to December at the wave flume CIEMito of the Maritime Engineering Laboratory (LIM) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC). The experiments aimed at characterizing the flow characteristics associated to the maximum individual overtopping volumes, due to specific storm events with different return periods. Specifically, the experiments focused on the measurements of overtopping volumes and discharges, in order to find the relation between these parameters with the corresponding overtopping flow velocities and overtopping flow depth, when the maximum overtopping event occurs on a dike during a sea state. A model geometry comprised of a sloping beach, a sloping dike and promenade was built into the CIEMito flume.

Measurements of the water surface elevation were taken close to the wavemaker, along the sloping foreshore and at the dike toe location by resistance type wave gauges. The overtopping flow properties thickness and velocity were measured by ultra-sonic distance sensors and high-speed cameras. Due to its large storage size, the whole set of data is provided on request.

DOI: 10.5821/data-2117-342397-1


The data refer to an experimental campaign carried out to characterize the forces involved in the failure of the Pont del Petroli (Badalona, Catalonia) due to the storm Gloria happened in the night of the 20 January 2020. The experiments were carried out in the CIEM (Canal d’Investigació i Experimentació Marítima) wave flume in the Laboratory of Maritime Engineering of the UPC (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech, Barcelona, Catalonia).

DOI: 10.5821/data-2117-342638-1